High Impact Communications Skills Workshop

Developing world class communicators

It’s not enough to be good at your job. You’ve also got to make a positive impact in your business relationships. You have to lead, support, inspire and influence people, handle conflict, take risks and be creative. Great communicators in the business world are few and far between. They are those rare individuals who have a knack of getting on with everyone. They run great meetings, make key note speeches that are inspirational, win huge contracts and are at ease networking and building relationships. What is the secret of their success?

We call it Positive Impact

It is a set of concepts, abilities and commitments. These emerge as you let go of old habits of behaving and thinking that get in the way of your natural talent. Instead you learn the three main competencies of Impact: Logic, Emotions and Drama. When you apply these in an appropriate way in each of your key business situations you will be seen as a world class communicator.

Overall Aims

1. Speak With Impact in all your key business situations and be a World Class Communicator

2. Encourage extraordinary performance from others

3. Feel confident, credible and compelling in the way you lead, influence and relate with others


By the end of this 2 day programme you will have used your own real project to understand and practise the three main competencies of Impact

1. logic and structure of influence

2. emotional expressiveness

3. dramatic power

You will have applied these skills to…

1. give world class presentations

2. communicate your project in a way that is credible, compelling and confident

3. manage meetings: one : one, in groups and other business situations

4. develop confidence

5. improve your own and other’s performance

6. be an inspiration to others


This programme requires you to bring to the workshop one of your own real projects or business problems that you are able to talk openly about.You use it as a vehicle to develop your impact skills and attitudes, as well as find solutions and ways of communicating it, that you can implement back at work. This exciting workshop is a unique blend of psychology, theatre and business science grounded in a practical work context.

Some call it “A profound exploration of human potential”.

There is nothing else like it in the training world. In two action-packed days of transformational training, you’ll come away with a huge increase in your leadership presence and your ability to influence, as well as powerful frameworks for getting successful business results. You will not be a faceless member of a large seminar.

You will work with small groups of approximately 10 participants per tutor. The workshop is carefully designed to release the natural talents of you as an individual and at the same time promote trust and team performance of your group. The challenge of a stage is introduced to simulate work pressures, improve confidence and authentic personal styles. Video is used to help reveal your potential for greatness.

Main Themes

Day One

Identifying Positive Impact


  • aims, methods, confidentiality
  • seeing ourselves as others see us

Communication Styles

  • your current style when under pressure
  • causes of self limitation
  • desired state
  • individual empowerment & mutual accountability
  • definition of Impact

The Communicator’s Toolkit

  • breathing & physiology of excellence
  • relaxation & being centred
  • vocal and emotional expressiveness


  • energy and the use of space
  • congruence
  • the power of the pause


  • smile & push/pull/neutral
  • first impressions
  • appreciation and positive focus

Day Two

Embodying Positive Impact


  • structure and drama of influence
  • how to win hearts and minds
  • rehearsing success

Excellence beyond the comfort zone

  • business auditions
  • confidence and emotional intelligence

Impact in the work place

  • meetings
  • one to one conversations
  • presentations

Planning for excellence

  • personal learning objectives
  • mutual mentoring for Impact
  • feedback & performance improvement


  • affirmations for world class communicators


Further Coaching

At the end of this workshop you will also have the opportunity should you want it, for a FREE coaching session with one of the coaches on the programme.

The purpose of this is to help you integrate the learnings into your day to day work.

This Programme is created by Garth Spiers


He is an organisational psychologist, retained by humanitarian, public and commercial sectors. He holds an MSc and BSc in Operational Research, Psychology & Mathematics and for several years he was a professional actor.


CitiBank IT Director Garth is the best trainer I have come across. His Coaching Programme has helped our IS department deliver robust systems up and running, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Walt Disney Company – Disney has magic. Garth is magic.

United Nations – Garth increased our skills and confidence in mediation and negotiation in war torn situations around the world.





If your job relies on your ability to communicate, this workshop is for you.

If you are a leader, IT or technical expert, salesperson or an entrepreneur this is for you.

Or if you want to make great presentations

have a positive impact in meetings in the real world or online,

be seen as someone with charisma, able to influence anyone

and learn how to apply these skills in all your key business situations,

then this is for you.



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