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My Story

For the last 30 years I’ve been a consultant, facilitator and coach to thousands of people: top directors, teams, and entrepreneurs. They all want the same thing: success. Although success means different things to different people, the cause of success is the same for everyone: success comes from the impact you have on others.

The way I make you successful therefore is to put positive impact into your communications. Others will notice the improvement in your impact because it will show up in better team working or a more open or powerful style of leadership, or perhaps facilitating better work relationships at management or top leadership and board levels.

Overall, the results are that you bring about more business success and personal fulfillment for yourself and others through better work relationships and ways of communicating. And if you need to improve the way you present to groups large or small, I bring out your talents, release your potential and support you to step outside your comfort zone and go beyond what you think is possible to get the success you want. Even though you may not think you can do it, I believe in you. I know you can. I have proven it over and over again. And the reason it works every time is that you learn just 3 core competencies. Not an overload of skills such as special skills for leadership, and other special skills for handling difficult people or being assertive, and more special skills for negotiations, even more for public speaking etc etc… No. All you need to learn are just 3 core skills of impact. Easy.

For example, here’s what success means for some of the people I’ve worked with:

Garth has helped me:

  • make key note speeches that are world class
  • and get standing ovations
  • get good engagement in Zoom meetings
  • pitch to my clients and win the contract
  • be seen as an authority in my field
  • overcome my fear of public speaking
  • develop a culture of empowerment
  • influence my team
  • handle difficult meetings and individuals
  • mediate in situations of conflict
  • do a great job interview or get promotion
  • deal successfully with conflict
  • be more confident, likeable and believable
  • lead change management projects that work
  • build successful work relationships

…. get whatever success means to you ….

When you glance at these examples of success, they all seem different don’t they? Some are to do with leadership, others are about public speaking, others are about negotiations and sales skills yet others are to do with the skills of running meetings…

But there is a common factor linking them all: communication. And with my experience in business science, psychology and theatre, I could see something that is now, very obvious. The essence of  communication comes down to 3 core competencies: Logic, Emotions and Drama. These 3, I call Impact. Up until now only top people could get them.

Now I want everyone to have access to them.

I have created this website to help you be a world class communicator in whatever field you’re in. You can get the on-line Masterclass that shows you how to do it, Coaching if you want help to apply the skills to your own specific circumstance, or to get the full experience, attend real live Workshops. And if you want to introduce this approach to your Own Company there is help for you too.  Click on those blue links above and you’ll get what you want.

The days are gone when you had to hide your talents for fear of making a fool of yourself. Or limit the impact of your whole organisation because you couldn’t train everyone.

Because now everyone can learn the impact skills shown in the eLearning Masterclass. I show you how to be in control of the situation and overcome your nerves. I show you what it means to be a powerful influencer. You can learn these skills while you’re travelling, or with a few friends in the privacy of your own home. Or cascade it throughout your organisation. These are the exact same skills that all the thousands of others have used to develop their impact and get the success they want. When you learn these impact skills you will be a master in all the key situations at work. You’ll experience a new found freedom from fear. You will create for yourself a positive, powerful impact in the way you relate, and be seen as a world class communicator.

About Garth Spiers

Garth has improved the impact of individuals and organisations across many sectors of working life including humanitarian, public services and commercial. He has worked with United Nations, Red Cross (ICRC), OECD, Government, Disney, Glaxo SmithKline, Royal Mail, Citi Bank, Halifax, Aon, Morgan Stanley, Nokia-Alcatel, WPP, Coca Cola, PA Consulting, Tate&Lyle, BT

Garth holds an M.Sc. from Cranfield Institute of Technology in Operational Research and a B.Sc. in Psychology, Maths and Physics. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP and holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine. He has worked as a teacher on VSO, as an OR scientist in a steel firm, recruitment consultant and a lecturer in business studies. He has also studied theatre at LAMDA and for a few years he was a professional actor.

He is now a coach, trainer and consultant to the top companies of the world. Teams, Leaders and Entrepreneurs at all stages in their career call on his skills as mentor and communications expert to coach them in Business Success and Personal Mastery.





For success: put Impact into your communications

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